Wanted — Eagle Nest Monitors

Bald Eagle lovers of Southern Maryland can now enjoy our very own Bald Eagle nest camera at the Port Tobacco River Park in Charles County. Thank you Charles County Recreation, Parks and Tourism and Terrain360 for this wonderful gift! This pair of Bald Eagles has successfully fledged two eaglets over the last two years that we have monitored the nest. Do you want to help us this year?

Southern Maryland Audubon Society is looking for volunteers be a pair of Eagle Eyes. Your help is needed from late January to early June to watch our camera and catch exciting activity such as egg laying, egg hatching, and other eaglet activity. With your extra eyes, we can save these hallmark events on video for viewing later in the year, after our nest is empty. To sign up, send an email stating you want to become an Eagle Eye volunteer to somdaudubon@yahoo.com.

In the meantime, our pair has already entertained us immensely with “stick wars”. They really seem to argue over where the sticks are placed! So jump in now. You just might catch them in action. Morning hours seem to be best. Egg laying is likely to begin between January 21 and February 10.

Check out our camera on the Charles County Parks website at: https://www.charlescountyparks.com/parks/port-tobacco-river-park-eagle-cam or https://www.wildstreaming.com/

Don’t forget, too, that we need to know about other Bald Eagle nests in Southern Maryland. If you know of a nest, you could become a monitor for it. Check out the Maryland Eagle Nest Monitoring website for information about this program. Once you are on the web page, go to Report a Bald Eagle Nest, where you can view the map of nests we are aware of. If it isn’t on the map, we want to add it and you could be the monitor!

Exciting times are here! Get your Eagle Eyes on and play!