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Port Tobacco Eagle Cam

Please note that this camera does not have infrared night vision and picture will not be available at night.

Who are these eagles? Chandler, Hope, and their eaglets.
Where is this nest located? In the Port Tobacco River Park in Port Tobacco, MD
Has this nest been successful before? Yes, it has successfully fledged two eaglets for the last three years.
How long until the eaglets fledge? Bald eagles fledge at about 10-14 weeks. Prior to their first flight, eaglets will flap their wings in the nest or while jumping to an adjacent branch in behavior known as branching.
How are the eaglets fed? Both Chandler and Hope will feed the eaglets by tearing pieces of food and delivering it to the young. Parent eagles do not ensure that all eaglets are fed equally. The largest eaglet gets the majority of the food.
Will the eaglets return to the nest after they fledge? Young eagles are generally nomadic in the first few years of their life and can cover extensive geographic areas. When the young eagles are ready to mate, they tend to return to the general area where they were born, however if a young eagle attempted to return to its birth nest, the adult pair would drive them away as they would any intruding eagle.

The Port Tobacco River Park Bald Eagle Nest is a wild eagle nest. Please know that there are scenarios that some viewers may find difficult to watch. Interactions with other wildlife, sibling rivalry and weather can impact the eggs and/or eaglets. While we hope for a successful season, remember, anything could happen.

Photos of the Installation

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