About PTRC

Our Mission

The Port Tobacco River Conservancy is located in Charles County, Maryland. The PTRC works with businesses, residents, local and state governments, and other conservation groups to restore and protect the river and streams in the watershed. PTRC balances restoration and protection with economic-development concerns and the value of its river and watershed to both the local and state economies.

Our Vision

PTRC envisions that the Port Tobacco River and its 30,000-acre watershed will be in a nearly pristine condition, as they were in the 1950s. The river will have clear and navigable waters, be rich in fish and wildlife, and be safe to the thousands of residents and visitors who use the river and streams for swimming, water sports, hunting and fishing, or just enjoying the beauty of this natural and historical resource.

Our Work

PTRC began in 2001 after a small group of county citizens – who were concerned about sewage overflows from the La Plata Waste Water Treatment Plant into the Port Tobacco River watershed – decided to join forces. But that catalyst soon grew into a broader focus: returning the river and watershed to healthier conditions for both native species and the next generation. During the next few months, we established the operating approach we have followed ever since. This approach is to work with our stakeholders to collect and analyze the most complete set of information available before making decisions and establishing positions. Our stakeholders include PTRC members, local residents and land owners, community organizations, businesses, environmental foundations and experts, and local, state, and federal government organizations.

PTRC advocates for all the citizens of the Port Tobacco River watershed, working to insure that they can safely fish and swim in the Port Tobacco River and that their health, property rights and values, and quality of life are enhanced by a cleaner, less polluted river.

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Port Tobacco River Conservancy
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