307 Year Old White Oak at Chapel Point State Park

With the assistance of the Maryland Forest Service, we submitted a nomination for a tree (White Oak – Quercus Alba) at Chapel Point State Park to be considered for inclusion on the Maryland Big Tree Registry. We are excited to report that our nomination was approved and this tree made the list! While it’s not the County’s “Champion Tree”, it is currently the second largest White Oak on the list. Although this White Oak was a little smaller than our earlier submitted Sycamore, it is estimated to be a few years older (due to a different growth factor). Age formula estimates this tree to be 307 years old (1713). 

The Maryland Big Trees program rates overall size of the tree based on circumference of the trunk, height, and spread of the crown. The two photos below show large limbs of the tree that have broken off. Too bad we were not able to measure it while the canopy was intact!